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Beaufort County Schools prepare for solar eclipse

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Dozens of Beaufort County teachers signed up on Tuesday for a special teaching session that comes right in time for the Great American Solar Eclipse.

This is the first time in more than 100 years that a solar eclipse has spanned from the west coast to the east coast and here in Beaufort County, and the district wants to ensure that teachers are prepared to educate area students about the effects of the eclipse.

One of the sessions specifically targeted 3rd through 5th-grade teachers, using programs that allow students to observe scenarios where teachers will be able to recreate multiple examples of the eclipse in a variety of different ways. Officials say that these programs are a great way to bring real life into the classroom.

"We're going to have a lot of students come back to school and ask their teachers what happened yesterday," says National Content Specialist Thom O'Brien. "So by having these online simulations, the teacher can say 'let me show you what happened'. They can run through it multiple times, change the variables to see different settings, and the students can have a better understanding of what happened during the eclipse. 

While the Lowcountry will not experience a total blackout, the district does encourage faculty to teach students about safety, making sure they know the importance of the specialized solar eclipse glasses so they can enjoy the experience without damaging their eyes. 

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