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SCCPSS: No school during solar eclipse

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The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System has announced classes will be canceled for students on Monday, Aug. 21, the day of the solar eclipse.

Tonight, parents are making plans to stay home or find childcare, and some are wondering why the closure is needed.

"I was just wondering exactly why, the reasoning why they aren't going to school when they just started back, and what's the issue with why they aren't going to go," said a parent Claudette Roberts.

The school system thought it was necessary to plan the closure for the safety of students.

SCCPSS spokeswoman Sheila Blanco said, "Because if they delayed release an hour they thought that would solve problems but then you had many of your transportation employees who had other commitments, they said about 20 percent of them. There were also issues on will there be someone to receive a child, especially the small children if they are getting home at a different time than normal."

Other parents and caretakers are excited to spend time learning about the eclipse at home.

Carly Moore, whose brother goes to an SCCPSS school, said that the closure, "Makes it a little easier, it is a cool way to see something that we're not used to seeing. Something we have not seen in a long time."

Leron Drake whose nephew goes to an SCCPSS school is excited about the closure, "I think it is cool because Effingham is doing it and finally Chatham County is catching up with the rest of the school systems, so I think it is a good thing."

West Chatham Middle changed their sign so all parents would know that there would be no school. Aug. 21 will be declared an inclement weather day.

The problem of an eclipse being dangerous for students' eyesight has been the biggest determining factor for the closure. School officials say the logistics that go into running a school district this size present a unique situation that could put students at risk if they aren't at home. 

"The fact that this eclipse is happening during the hours of our dismissal time, it became a student safety issue," Blanco said. "Not just from students who might look up at it but the traffic on the roads, we don't know how dark it is going to be and how many people may be on the roads and be distracted by what's going on."

A makeup day will not be needed for students. The day will still be a staff work day. 

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