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School safety training held in Bluffton

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The countdown continues as we get one day closer to the first day of school in our South Carolina counties.

Students will be back in the classroom on August 17, but the preparation has already begun.

There are 5 crossing guards in Bluffton, paid for by the Bluffton Police Department, to help keep our students safe in the more congested areas of town. So the Bluffton High School Complex, Bluffton Middle School and at M.C. Riley Elementary.

School zones are already posted. Those yellow lights will be flashing letting you know students are getting out of school and you need to pay attention.

"One thing that is important to remember is not every school zone has flashing lights," said LCPL. Matthew Southern, South Carolina Highway Patrol. "Some school zones only have signs that say during these hours you have to reduce your speed, so if you travel through a school zone now is the time to start thinking about that before we get into school time next week."

It takes the length of a football field to send a text, that's how long your eyes will be off the road.

But texting isn't the only issue.

"I think the main thing is the speeding people don't realize the cars of today, you can be doing 35, 40 and you think you're doing 10 miles per hour," said Tom Krasne, School Crossing Guard. "Speed. Speed I think causes the most trouble on the roads because you can't slow down quick enough." 

Speeding fines range from $76 up to $440. Passing a stopped school bus will cost you more than $1,000 and 6 points on your license.

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