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Hometown Hero: Mark Robertson

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Radio personality Mark Robertson is as much a part of people's mornings in Savannah as coffee.

The 98.7 The River morning host has been a fixture in the community for his work with non-profits and efforts to help animal rescue agencies. We took a look at how in 40 years on radio in the area, he has also become a WTOC Hometown Hero.

"Good morning, happy Thursday, it's Mark Robertson, glad to be with you this morning," said Robertson at the start of one of his morning shows.

If that greeting sounds familiar, it's because you probably have been hearing it in - in some form - since the late '70s.

"When I first came down here, I thought I'd be here for a couple of years and leave. But between the area and the people, I just really didn't want to go anywhere else. I just really like it here," said Robertson.

And the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry has liked having Robertson here for four decades, entertaining and informing them on their radios every weekday morning.

The program director and morning show host at 98.7 The River celebrated his 40th anniversary in the business and in this market last week.

"It kind of sneaks up on you. They threw me a 15th anniversary in '92 and I thought, 15 years is a long time. I don't know how many more years I've got to go," said Robertson.

Fortunately, he's continued going - from 5 to 9 every morning - easing people into their mornings and their workdays with his easy going manner.

"Still getting a lot of comments on our Facebook page about the death of Glen Campbell, what an icon," said Robertson during a show.

While the Brooklyn native had to adapt when he landed at what was a country music station in 1977.

"I felt like a fish out of water initially. It's like Mo Bandy, who's Mo Bandy," said Robertson.

He has become known for another form of music that has taken over his station for the last 18 years at Christmastime.

"At that time, nobody was really doing wall-to-wall Christmas music, so we thought we would start and it's just become a tradition," said Robertson.

As has this WTOC Hometown Hero who delivers music and traffic reports and lots of conversation about current events to listeners who have come to consider him not just a friendly voice, but a friend.

"I was just at the grand opening for Hobby Lobby in Bluffton and we were giving away gift cards and people were coming up and saying happy anniversary. And I thought, aren't you here for the gift card and they said no, we just wanted to say hello. And I thought, that's really cool. If there's something I did that they felt that comfortable with me, that's a great compliment," said Robertson.

Mark says the two biggest complaints he receives every year is that they started the Christmas music too soon - or that they didn't start it soon enough. 

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