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Alderman Tony Thomas wants re-vote on zoning decision for proposed Forsyth Park apartments

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Less than a week ago Savannah City Council voted to approve a rezoning request for a six story apartment development near Forsyth Park.

One Alderman wants to change his vote while the Mayor wants everyone to hold to their opinions and express them at the next council meeting.

There has been contention at City Hall on the issue of the apartment complex and now a statement of a possible vote of reconsideration had us asking questions.

6th District Alderman Tony Thomas took to Facebook the day after the majority decision by council saying he wants a vote of reconsideration. This after hearing almost a dozen people speak and the developer on the plans to build the 119 unit apartment complex in the Victorian District.

“Those requests have been brought to us in a very devious way,” said Andree Patterson, President, Victorian Neighborhood Association. 

Mayor Eddie DeLoach is for the new apartment complex, saying he wants more places to live downtown for young professionals.

“We are short on places for folks who want to rent higher end apartments,” said Mayor DeLoach.

Alderman Thomas went on to post on Monday to his personal page claiming a representative of the Forsyth Park development texted him saying, "Hey Brian. Any more non sense from Tony Thomas or is this going to be a drama issue to be resolved by the city?" 

Thomas indicated he thinks they were trying to reach out to Alderman Brian Foster. Both Thomas and Foster had no comment for us today but we asked the Mayor about the vote of reconsideration.

“I ask everyone to look at their opinions and hold them and when they get up there express what they think and vote their conscience but I feel like it is a great opportunity for us to have a high end facility as opposed to a hotel,” said Mayor DeLoach.

Mayor DeLoach continues, "There will be additional votes in the future and whatever comes of it then, that will be what we have. I hope it all passes. I hope it all moves forward like we had originally planned on doing, I can't imagine anything changing someone's mind within 30 minutes of what we had so."

We are told there is still a lot to be worked out when it comes to the new 4-R zoning and there are many different items to come up on city council agendas concerning the apartment complex in the future. 

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