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Tense town hall meeting wraps up Congressman Buddy Carter's 3-day tour

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Congressman Buddy Carter took a lot of heat at his 9th and final town hall meeting in Savannah Thursday night.

The mostly-democratic crowd used the town hall as an opportunity to voice their displeasure with the congressman and other republican politicians.

The crowd mostly complained about his stance on healthcare, abortion, climate change, and his support of President Trump. He did take a couple questions about his comments regarding republican senators that made nationwide headlines.

There was no shortage of emotion at the town hall meeting. The crowd waved red pieces of paper when they disagreed with Carter, and they waved green when they agreed with the audience member.

"He showed a great deal of courage to do it and a great deal of courage under fire. I will say that I agree with about nothing that he had to say,” said Allen Blunt.

"He's trying to get around to talk to us and I respect him for that. I'm looking forward to having someone else oppose him and we'll just see what comes up,” said Margaret Betz.

He did have a few supporters sprinkled in the church pews. Almost everyone who made a comment at least thanked Carter for showing up.

"He just really stood up and I knew he was going to be beaten up a little bit tonight so I thought I'd come support him,” said supporter Deborah Boerger.

"I want them to have the opportunity to ask questions and to have input and I do listen. We're going to disagree sometimes,” said Rep. Buddy Carter.

Carter repeatedly stated his pro-life stance and disdain for the Affordable Care Act. Both comments upset members in the crowd.

"Yeah we got problems with healthcare. We've got to come together and work in a bi-partisan fashion. I am pro-life. I don't believe in abortion. I'm not going to change that,” said Carter.

Carter also upset a lot of the crowd when he said he didn't know how much humans contributed to climate change. There were no major issues with protests or crowd members.

The meeting wrapped up a 3-day string of meetings in 9 cities throughout Georgia's first district. More than 700 people registered to attend the meeting in Savannah.

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