Georgia State Patrol pay raise helping recruitment efforts

Georgia State Patrol pay raise helping recruitment efforts

GEORGIA (WTOC) - You'll more than likely find Sgt. Chris Rodewolt on the side of the road than in his office at the Georgia State Patrol.

The post commander of GSP Post 45 says a recent trooper shortage has he and other commanders juggling roadwork and office work.

"We jump right into the rotation, we get out there and work the wrecks. We assist the public and make traffic stops," Sgt. Rodewolt said.

GSP saw hundreds of troopers leave for other agencies due to lower salaries. But a pay raise from the 2017 General Assembly has made them more competitive. Talking with Governor Nathan Deal this week, he says it's working.

"We're seeing more and better applicants for our trooper schools. We continue to see a reduction in turnaround for our current troopers," Gov. Deal said.

Sgt. Rodewolt says he's seeing a difference.

"We're not losing people like we were. We're holding steady. Our focus now is recruitment," he said.

Sgt. Rodewolt knows it will take time to turn applicants into troopers on the road.

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