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Good News: 200 Club of the Coastal Empire

(Source: 200 Club of the Coastal Empire) (Source: 200 Club of the Coastal Empire)

This fall on WTOC, you will be able to watch a program that raises awareness to the organization that takes care of those who take care of us.

Television stations don't often show people what they're working on for later - future projects only slightly less protected than classified information.

But it's a good thing Craig Harney showed people what he has been up to lately

"Just a little sample, just for them to see where we're going," said Craig Harney, WTOC Director of Original Programming. "It's a large documentary, but here was a three or four minute piece, carved out as a free standing element to let them know the direction we were going."

Craig is working on a documentary about the 200 Club of the Coastal Empire, the organization that makes a lifetime commitment to the surviving spouses and children of first responders killed in the line of duty.
And he shared a preview of his unfinished work with the organization's leadership.

"It's fantastic," said Mark Dana, 200 Club President. "One of the biggest challenges we have is awareness. And I think when you can create a piece like that that shows, particularly the testimonials from our surviving families, it's probably the most impactful thing we can do."

And Craig's three-minute clip is now impacting the future of the 200 Club - creating an excitement within the organization that will lead to its growth.

"You get a reaction like O.C.'s, which was completely unintended , and it's just marvelous," said Harney.

O.C. Welch is a founding member of the 200 Club. And when he saw the preview, he offered to pay $100 of any new member's $250 membership fee.

"And I'll do as many as 100 members, just increase awareness and membership," said O.C. Welch, 200 Club Founding Member. "I'm, hoping this year to really make a difference in membership."

His offer could do just that.

"It's that type of passion to this organization in the hopes that others will follow that," said Dana.

A passion stoked by a short clip that could go a long way to enhancing the 200 Club's service to the 20 counties it serves.

"We have to be prepared at any moment's notice. It's a $250,000 commitment on average responding to a family. So that membership is extremely important to ensure that we have the funds to be there for families that lose their loved one," said Dana.

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