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Savannah holds candlelight vigil in wake of Charlottesville tragedy

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Sunday night Savannah reflected on the Charlottesville tragedy. 

A candlelit vigil was held in Forsyth Park. Usually, Forsyth Park is quiet on Sunday nights, but this week a sea of candles and echoed throughout the park. 

People from all genders, races, and religion gathered saying they are hurting for those in Charlottesville.

"It is 2017 and this is still going on and it is atrocious," said one attendee. 

A tragedy hundreds of miles away brings this city together. 

"I am so happy right now to see so many people turn out for this," said another attendee.

The incident in Charlottesville stemmed over an argument over a Confederate Memorial, just like the one in Fortsyth Park. But if we look in our rearview - here in Savannah - an issue just as controversial as this is actually making everyone come together.

"I've been feeling like this for a long time," said Daniel Gilbert, Co-Chair of STAR. "Not just because of this incident. I've felt solidarity in coming together with people of all races, and all shapes and sizes, and sexes, and everything."

That's why these people are here - to come together. To recover. And to forge ahead.

"It's gonna be difficult," said Kristy Edenfield, Community Activist. "It's gonna be difficult to heal and move forward but our nation has done it in the past. We're a resilient nation. We're a resilient community."

This resilience - they say - gives them a voice. The candles in the crowd shone a light on Savannah coming together and doing just that.

The event started with quite a crowd, but as people passed by and saw the cause - they immediately grabbed candles and joined in as well. 

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