First day of final school year as Armstrong State University

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Armstrong State University students are back in the classroom Monday.

This is the last Fall semester before the school merges into Georgia Southern University.

We have been talking to students at Armstrong on how their feelings about transitioning to become a Georgia Southern Eagle differ from one student to another.

Being a freshman is never easy, from moving-in to the first day. Freshman at Armstrong know that in less than a year, they will be going to Georgia Southern.

Chavez Luckett, a freshman at Armstrong, flagged me to down to tell me what he thinks.

"Good opportunities for particular majors and fields they want to go in, the stuff Armstrong didn't have, they may have now because of Georgia Southern," Luckett said.

Most freshmen I talked to are looking forward to the change.

"It is not necessarily the name that builds the school, it will be the people; all the teachers and students and peers and stuff inside of it that makes it what it is going to be," Armstrong Freshman, Sonya Pisano, said.

"During the transition, I am looking to see how they merge the nursing programs because Georgia Southern has a quota they admit, and Armstrong does. I'm looking to see how they merge the quotas, and also how they encourage student participation on this campus for the main events happening in Statesboro," said Alexa Clayton, Freshman, Armstrong.

But some upperclassmen do find the name and all that comes with it to be very important.

"It's sad, you know I have been here since 2012 so I am an Armstrong student at heart, so it is just a sad situation," Anastasia Playir, Senior, Armstrong, said.

"It's going to be sad to see all the Armstrong colors go down and all the Georgia Southern stuff go up, but it's a change everyone will have to get used to. Sooner or later, it will be accepted. It's going to be okay," Pisano said.

Others aren't as concerned and won't let the merging of the two schools damper their college experience.

"A lot of students are upset about losing their school's name, but I think if you can look past that and see it is for the betterment of education," Avery Atnip, Junior, Armstrong. I think it is some growth for the community, for education, having more schools put together."

I asked for enrollment numbers and was told Armstrong has about 7,000 students this semester. They've gained about 1,700 new students for the fall. Fall enrollment is not technically done yet, but they will have a fall minimester starting soon.

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