Arsonists Set Fire To Deputy's Home

It was attempted murder.  The reason, they say, is because of the way they're raising their daughters.

Corporal Paul Williams said, "My bed was by the wall this is the bedroom area that burned." The Williams are still in shock when they look at the remains of their house. "It's a total loss, we lost everything, it's just a total loss", he said.

A loss thanks to the work of angry of the accused teens didn't understand Cpl. Williams strict rules about dating his daughters. "He wanted to keep her company and we explained to him that she is not old enough to keep company, until she reaches 16. That's when she can keep company"

But the teen kept coming back. Finally, after a nasty confrontation last Sunday, Cpl. Williams had to press charges. Then, almost a week later, police say the teen and two friends doused the house in gasoline, and lit it on fire. Mrs. Williams, and three of the four kids, were inside sleeping. Cpl. Williams was working a late shift at the sheriff's department.

"The whole side of my trailer the bedroom and the front part all of this was on fire and up under the trailer was on fire". Williams said.

Luckily everyone survived...and it wasn't hard to track down the suspects.