Ft. Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Win Award

Being the leading force in the war against Global Terrorism, 3rd Infantry Division soldiers have become the face of a new and changing Army. That was the beginning of prompting a lot of the new things you see, like the family readiness center and the medical center and the soldier service center.

In order to support the 3rd Infantry Division soldiers in their mission, the garrison command post has done everything it can to make sure their soldiers and their families are taken care of. Since their first deployment back in 2002 many changes have taken place.

According to Janet Blank, of the Garrison Command, "The things that we do are the things that need to happen to make their mission possible so they don't have to focus on the installation, their families being taken care of, the types of programs for their families or whether they're safe or not.

Col. Kidd stated that, "To meet the modern day soldier's ever changing needs has been a work in progress, but work that's been recognized as top notch by the Army Community of Excellence. There are 188 army installations, and now we've come out first 2 years in a row, so we've come a long way from being a splinter-village, wooden, post here at Fort Stewart. Plus, it's a long way from Hunter Army Air Field with a padlock snapped on the gate 25 years ago. That's we we're to being the premier projection platform on the east cost."

This award also comes with a 2-million dollar "prize" that the base will use to continue taking care its military family.

Military Officials from Fort Stewart will go to Washington next month to receive the award