Will GA law allow Savannah to add to the Forsyth Park Confederate monument?

(Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We are taking a closer look at Georgia's law about state monuments and symbols, and whether or not the city can legally change or add to the Confederate monument in Forsyth Park.

This comes after Mayor Eddie DeLoach announced Thursday that the city wants to make the monument inclusive of all Savannahians.

City officials tell me the idea is to possibly add a plaque or additional information next to the Confederate monument in Forsyth Park.

City officials say they plan to get feedback from the public first but officials say the decision will fall within the parameters of the law which says:

So, the law would allow the city to add something else in the area around the statue.

I spoke to the commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the General Francis S. Bartow Camp who says he is thankful that the law is in place because it's at least protected from being taken down.

He says he wouldn't necessarily be opposed to adding to it.

"If they want to balance it out, what needs to happen is a real, live serious debate with intellectual scholars on what that war was all about," said Joe Dawson, commander of the General Francis. S. Bartow Camp #93.

The city plans to hold public forums to get feedback from residents. I'm told that will likely be scheduled sometime in September.

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