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Despite weather, eclipse still great learning experience for JEA summer campers

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The solar eclipse was met with great excitement, but it was also a great learning experience for children. 

WTOC's Tim Guidera was at the Jewish Educational Alliance, where teachers turned to the sky for Monday's lesson plan. 

The ballfield behind the JEA was supposed to become eclipse central for about 55 children in the JEA Summer Camp. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and most of them went back inside and didn't see much of anything. 

"The usual storms. It gets dark. It almost just looked like another bad storm," said JEA lifeguard, Russell Tyson. 

Dense clouds and light rain was the weather event that greeted about five dozen children who had gone outside to see the first total solar eclipse of their lifetimes. Most went back inside quickly when the weather prevented it from being seen where they were. 

"They were so excited. They're bummed. I think they're still waiting for it to happen. A little kid walked by and said, 'this is such a disappointment.' It was so sad," said Amanda Barhnardt, Sara Barrington, Physical Therapists, FIFE Therapy at JEA. 

Fortunately, though, the event of a lifetime was only part of the day at the JEA - where eclipse arts and crafts and science-based games turned the non-event into a learning experience. 

"Ever since we learned the kids were going to be out of school, the wheels have been turning trying to figure out what to do to make it educational as well as fun. We've made solar eclipse projects, we baked galaxy cupcakes, and we'll have a glow-in-the-dark dance party after the eclipse, so we have a lot of things planned for today," said D.J. Horton, Director, JEA Summer Camp. 

The kids even got a visit from WTOC's John Wetherbee, who told them what to expect when the eclipse arrived. Unfortunately, the weather prevented the event from being appreciated in the area. 

"We're really sad. It's never going to happen again in our lifetime, and we couldn't see anything because of the rain and the clouds. Clouds, rain, just a regular Savannah afternoon. It got a little dark, but nothing crazy."

The activities should make the lessons of the day memorable, even if the anticipated event of the day wasn't. 

"What are you going to remember," we asked?

"That it rained."

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