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Crowds gather to watch solar eclipse on River Street

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WTOC's Danielle Lewan headed out to River Street on Monday for the highly-anticipated total solar eclipse. 

The location would have provided one of the best views for the eclipse, with a clear view of the sky. Unfortunately, the sky was not clear. People by the water say they were just happy to have made the trip. The sun wasn't out, but everyone else was. 

"Can't see anything right now because of the cloud cover, but they're doing what they're supposed to do," said Arthur Hernandez, visiting from Miami. 

That's protecting your eyes. Even though River Street was overcast, people would rather be safe than sorry. 

"We weren't able to find glasses. We tried to get them on Amazon, but then there were none left. We've called around and looked around but they seem to be all sold out," said The Wild Family, visiting from Pittsburgh. 

Schools let kids off of school, and even employees in Savannah got to play hooky for a little while. 

"Shut the office down, came out for a couple hours, let everybody do what they want to do," said Harry Brodmann, Savannah local. "We had about a dozen people come down here, but I imagine there's a lot more people down here than there normally would be on Monday at 2 p.m."

Even though the weather wasn't optimal and the clouds covered the sun, everyone on River Street is still holding onto their protective eyewear gear, just in case. 

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