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Vitamin E Dosage

Patricia Jordan had high blood pressure, and thought taking vitamin E would be helpful in preventing heart disease.

"Then I started coming across information that it may not be as beneficial so I spoke to my doctor about it went to her spoke to her about it and she said no stop taking it."

But what has medical experts worried is that many people are not in the know about vitamin E like Patricia. "Is it an antioxidant is it a potential cancer preventative that about all that I really know about it."

Now the latest research in the Annals of Internal Nedicine shows 11 percent of us adults are still taking at least 400 international units of vitamin E each day in supplement form.

This is in spite of the evidence that studies have recently shown there is no clear benefit to taking vitamin E and that intake of vitamin E of 400 IUs or more is associated with a small increase in death risk, and an increased risk of congestive heart failure in those with vascular disease or diabetes.

"Patients have come to me saying they're taking 800 units of vitamin E, I say stop it," said Maryanne McLaughlin, M.D., of Mount Sanai Medical Center. "We would suggest that patients eat fruits vegetables nuts sunflowers green leafy vegetables those types of foods are high in vitamin e and that should be a safe level of vitamin E in the body."

Now that's just what Patricia does. "There was nothing that was going to be gained from it."

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