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Good News: Good Acts Patrol

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Kids in Savannah are getting positive reinforcement, and it's coming from positive role models. 

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police are stopping and citing young people more often now, and showing them the advantage of doing good. 

"We're talking to people and looking for kids doing good things out here," 

Twenty-six new Metro recruits are making their first neighborhood patrols and making a difference by rewarding any positive acts they see as part of the department's Good Acts Patrol. Something as simple as crossing in a crosswalk, or as strenuous as a total yards cleanup, could earn the guilty party a certificate for a McDonald's ice cream cone. 

"It lets them know that they are doing something good and it's going to be noticed,"

As on this patrol in Historic Cuyler Brownsville, it lets the neighborhood know the police are present and taking steps toward building better relationships with residents. 

"Driving by in a car, you can wave and say hello, but actually walking up able to shake somebody's hand and say hello, you can see more. It means more,"

"It's very important to us. Our neighborhood likes to know who protects us and serves us, and lets them know they are welcome in our neighborhood,"

"This builds the foundation. This is what you're out here for. These are the citizens we serve, the people we're trying to connect with, and the one-on-one personal attention is very important,"

Through the Good Acts Patrol, the police hope to build stronger neighborhoods and a better Savannah - and they're already seeing results. 

"I think it's welcoming to know they are so friendly and so open to local people around the area,"

"Yesterday, we were patrolling a different neighborhood. A little kid was sitting on a porch and he came out and gave us hugs and high fives. He got some toys and a T-Shirt and wanted to take pictures with us, so it was a good thing,"

The Good Acts Patrol has already been active in five different Savannah neighborhoods and will continue looking for young people doing good deeds. 

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