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Public meeting to be held to discuss Savannah's Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative

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The city of Savannah is working to enhance part of West Bay Street leading to downtown. 

A portion of West Bay is going to be included in the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative. 

Folks will gather at the Coastal Georgia Center Tuesday evening to express their ideas on future changes. Starting at 6 p.m., you can be a part of the discovery process for the West Bay Street portion of the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative. The project concerns Bay, Broughton, and River Street between Martin Luther King Boulevard and E. Broad Street. Now, the city would like to include improvements to Bay between MLK and the viaduct. It's the area near the post office along Fahm Street and Yamacraw Village.

The initiative focuses on safety, Savannah's history and coastal environment, and residents' ideas on what changes would benefit an area most. The city recognizes there is a disconnect between historic downtown and west Savannah neighborhoods. The city also recognizes the small businesses growing next door on Indian Street. We spoke to the mayor about the effort to make West Bay better, as well as the project as a whole. 

"We are pumped up and excited at the fact that we are getting this developed. Streetscapes are going to make all the difference in the world in the way people feel about downtown Savannah and it is the most important thing we can do is push this and get the quality we need to get in whatever area we are in," said Savannah Mayor, Eddie DeLoach. 

Business on Indian Street are excited about the future changes. Those with Ghost Coast Distillery have already been involved in project meetings.

"I think it is a good use of taxpayer money for the fact that we are businesses generating money for the city. We are reaching out to tourism, and having this part of downtown cleaned up and made pretty projects a nice persona for the city of Savannah in general," said Chris Sywassink, General Manager, Ghost Coast Distillery. "From MLK down, it will be a much more inviting space for people to walk from center city, City Market, River Street, and it will really encompass a lot of intrigue and interest to come father this way because of the beautification side."

Every project comes with a price tag. All new on The News at 6 p.m., we'll tell you how much it's going to cost. 

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