Pooler City Council approves development of land at Pooler Parkway, I-16

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - The potential construction on the 130-acre lot off Pooler Parkway near Interstate 16 has been approved.

The Pooler City Council gave the thumbs up at their meeting Monday night, but here's the catch. They approved development but not necessarily the development that wants to come into the land.

Last week, we showed you a look at the Mosaic Town Center plan with all kinds of things they want to build. The city welcomes the growth but says they need some time to look at what they need out here.

"They have been given the A-OK to sell and to start the development but nothing has been presented as far as what is exactly going to be developed yet,” said Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb. 

Mayor Lamb is referring to a developer who wants to bring in this Mosaic Town Center.

Still, no set plans of what you could see built out here but these developers are looking at an amphitheater over there, a hotel back there, and people can't wait for the idea to sit at a restaurant right over there. But here's what they don't want to do. They don't want to spend any more time sitting in traffic than they already do here on Pooler Parkway.

It's Hailey James' birthday Tuesday. She says learning to drive on Pooler Parkway is already scary.

"You're a beginner driver, a student-driver driving, where there's a lot of traffic. A lot of idiot drivers,” James said.

That's because there are more drivers. James is a pretty recent resident but wants to feel safe in her new town.

"They need to put more safety precautions. Bigger roads. That would be important. Bigger roads,” she said.

[Information is from the U.S. Census Bureau.]

Mayor Lamb says they're already ahead of the curve and their biggest priority is always safety. But he's seen firsthand areas of high congestion are when people take chances.

"If the light turns and somebody says, ‘Man, well they only let 10 cars through and I'm number 11 and I wanted to make it,’ and they go ahead and run the red light you can start to have some problems,” Mayor Lamb said.

The city says they'll do their best to prevent hold ups, but they're not taking chances on people's lives.

"As things grow, it's going to be tougher and tougher to make sure traffic moves quickly. The number one project is to make sure it's done safely,” Mayor Lamb said.

Over the last 20 years this has been a common sight throughout the city. Mayor Lamb tells me, back in his day, Pooler was 98 percent trees and out here on Pooler Parkway: one caution light.

The Mayor says back in his day if you weren't the couple hundred people that lived in Pooler, you were a stranger and the cops wanted to know why you were within their city limits.

"Barney saw me too many times one day and actually pulled me over just as I was going to pick-up my girlfriend at the time, my wife later on up. He said, 'Hey, I've already seen you too many times in our city. I was just wondering what you're doing here,'" said Mayor Lamb."The city was very small. Had a caution light on Highway 80. It was two-way traffic just on one side; one lane going, one lane coming. There was no Pooler Parkway. There was no 95. That was coming, and 16 was just way out there."

He's loved seeing the city grow and is excited to see the final plans for what is to come to this property off Pooler Parkway.

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