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$1,000 reward offered for safe return of rare African Serval missing in Hardeeville


Hardeeville Police are asking citizens to keep an eye out for Toby, a rare African Serval. 

Toby is a harmless animal, according to his owners who say he escaped after being spooked following a surprise visit from the electric company. Owners are asking for Toby to be approached with caution and that he please not be hurt or shot. 

We spoke with a few Hardeeville residents who say they aren't worried about running into Toby, and after learning about the $1,000 reward, many are hoping they'll get a chance to return him to his family. 

"Hey, you're not on a safari or nothing, you know, this is real life. This animal is more frightened of you than you are of it," said Marquist Bright. 

"Have some hesitation to it. It might just run away, you know? But, if you do happen to see it, call local authorities, let them know you saw it, and there is a reward out there," said Dhaval Shah. 

If you see Toby, call the Hardeeville Police Department. 

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