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Good News: Tiny Homes of Hope for Homeless Veterans

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What was an idea just 2 and half years ago, to help homeless veterans in Savannah is one step closer to reality.

A ground breaking and ground clearing event taking place for the Tiny Homes project, to build something bigger to better serve those who have served us. 

Workers clearing away debris from land near Wheaton Street in Savannah to make way for these tiny homes for Homeless Veterans. 

"We ended up buying this piece of land that has been a homeless camp for more than 20 years," said Cindy Murphy Kelley, Executive Director, Chatham Savannah Homeless Authority. "What's unique about this is it's the first tiny housing permanent affordable housing in Georgia so we had to jump through some additional hoops to get through to this day but indeed we are here."

The Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless says the latest estimates show there are 4,513 people homeless in Savannah, 280 of those are Veterans.

"We are committed to giving permanent housing for folks in our community, especially our veterans, who have already served their country and should not be living outside in tents or in and out of shelters," said Kelley. 

Tiny houses being built for homeless veterans in Savannah will provide enough space for a bed, bathroom and a kitchen with air conditioning and heat. 

"So when this project is complete, we will be able to serve 72 veterans and we anticipate doing that over 2 to 4 years, depending on how successful we are at bringing in all the funds that are necessary," said Kelley. 

The tiny homes housing development will be built over time, in 6 phases with 12 homes in each village. The Homeless Authority has raised the $300,000 to begin the first phase, which should be up and running by January. They hope to raise more than $1 million over the next couple of years to complete the project. 

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