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Good News: National Parks Service turns 101-years-old

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The National Park Service turned 101-years-old on Friday.

Ft. Pulaski is one of the more than 400 parks, monuments, and lands protected by the National Parks Service. Folks there have many reasons to celebrate and be thankful after this past year. 

"People need wilderness to play in and pray in.' I love that quote because it's so true. I hope we get another century or 17 out of the National Parks Service," said Amber Debardelaben, park ranger. 

This past year has been a rough one for Ft. Pulaski. It was closed for repairs from Hurricane Matthew, then a tornado hit in May, shutting it down for five weeks. 

"Our hats are not Smokey the Bear hats, but rather U.S. Army Cavalry hats because the buffalo soldiers considered the first park rangers," said Debardelaben.

Friday brought with it a good feeling for park rangers leading visitors on a free tour of the fort and getting back to Basics 101. 

"National Parks preserve not only our cultural resources but also our history. We tell the good history and the bad history, and we tell them honestly because people who don't know their history don't know themselves," said Debardelaben. 

Obviously, Ft. Pulaski is older than 101-years-old. In the years following the Civil War, the Fort was falling apart. But in 1924, it was designated as a National Monument, then Fort Pulaski came under the umbrella of the National Parks Service in 1933. 

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