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Chatham County Commissioners hear from Chief Lumpkin on demerger

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Chatham County Commissioners heard from Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Chief Jack Lumpkin Friday for the first time since the city's announcement to end the police merger agreement.

Some Commissioners were outspoken about their eagerness to see how things shake out, especially when it comes to the dividing up of resources.

The Chief didn't have much to say about the split, he continues to concern himself with policing Chatham County as a whole in an attempt to lower crime. Very few questions were had by commissioners on the demerger situation but we did get some insight on the work being done.

Commissioners sat and listened to their current chief of police, eventually opening up the floor to questions. 8th District Commissioner Chester Ellis did not shy away from asking what was on his mind.

Chester Ellis, Commissioner, 8th District: "If the City continues with this demerger plan, how do you plan on dividing that up?"

Chief Jack Lumpkin, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department: "We are going to divide it based on how my elected officials tell me to divide it."

Ellis: "Suppose they come and tell you one and a half, how do you divide a car in half?"

Chief Lumpkin: "You paint it."

Chairman Al Scott spoke on how everything is being handled professionally.

"The Chief has to continue the policing portion of it and not get too deep in the weeds of it, but he has someone on the transition team," said Al Scott, Chairman, Chatham County Commission.

220 body worn cameras provided through a Department of Justice grant could be split up. Communications have been sent to the DOJ asking for the act intent of the grant.

"Of course they did not know of the demerger but I would think they would deem the cameras would be split accordingly if we get there," said Chief Lumpkin.

We are told the transition team is working on all the particulars of changing to two separate entities.

"Reports I get back is that they are working well together and I expect if we end up with separate departments there will be a very smooth transition and we will have a long continuous working relationship," said Scott.

Chatham County manager Lee Smith told commissioners they will be presented an outline of all the issues concerning the demerger in an upcoming meeting on September 8th.

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