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Black Lives Matter Savannah to hold 6 week protest

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Saturday marked two weeks since the Charlottesville attack. 

For some in Savannah - they say time won't fix what happened. Savannah's chapter of Black Lives Matter recently announced plans for a six week protest - they say this is just the beginning.

The organization says they're in the planning stages, as a six week protest needs a lot of preparation. No details of where or when we can expect this to begin - but they do say - they're fully prepared if things get ugly.

This violence in Charlottesville stirs emotions here in Savannah. Emotions that inspired action.

"We believe six weeks is like a minimum period of time that could have effective change. If you're consistent with it - that's one of the main tenants of any movement," said Justin Toney, Black Lives Matter of Savannah.

For Justin Toney it's about making change for black lives. 

"We really need to make sure that we get on this topic. Not just talk about it, but do something proactive and stop waiting around for the next tragedy to happen," said Toney.

Paula Smith says she walks these streets every day. change should be for all people. No matter the race.

"It's not about black or white. All lives matter. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, red, yellow, green with purple polka dots. All lives matter," said Paula Smith, Savannah Local.

The organization wants people to know their intentions are not violent.

"To riot is to have ignorance and destruction. That's not what we're about. We're about positivity. We're about getting things done in the right way," said Toney.

They also know how quickly things can go the wrong way.

"We want all volunteers to know that this - can - get - ugly," said Toney.

When asked how ugly things have to get before they draw the line - Toney says there is no limit.

"There is no final straw until everything is done. That could take years and of course we expect that. Lives may be lost. We don't expect lives to be lost. We don't want lives to be lost. We understand that if they do - we don't want those lives to be taken in vain," said Toney.

When this six week protest begins - Smith says she's not going to be part of what could be another Charlottesville.

"I'm just gonna get my head down and get out of the line of fire. Just incase," said Smith.

If you're interested in being part of their call to action you can find Black Lives Matter of Savannah's contact information on their website.

Again no set details on this six week protest, but WTOC will continue to follow the story.

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