Consider This: Negotiations continue with DirecTV

Consider This: Negotiations continue with DirecTV

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In my last Consider This, I made a commitment to keep DirecTV viewers informed about ongoing negotiations to keep WTOC on their system.

We continue to work with them, but as of yet, they have not agreed to a fair deal to keep this channel on their lineup after Aug. 31. It would not be the first time DirecTV left their customers in the dark. In fact, since 2015, DirecTV has dropped local channels from their line up to 14 times; affecting millions of viewers.

We regret that DirecTV keeps putting their subscribers in the middle of these negotiations. It should not be your problem. After all, you pay 100 percent of your bill every single month to DirecTV. Why should you have to worry about losing WTOC?

We will continue to work to reach an agreement without interruption and continue to keep you the viewer informed. You can always locate information on this situation at

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