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Planning for hurricane evacuation with a disability

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If you live in Chatham County and have a medical disability, but haven't registered with CEMA for a hurricane evacuation plan, you shouldn't wait any longer. 

Pick up the phone today for their emergency alert system. The health department tells us that it's extremely important for individuals with disabilities to do this so they know in advance exactly how to help. 

When a hurricane hits, essentially everyone is handicapped to an extent as far as transportation or resources that run slim. Emergency Aid says if you have a disability, they need you to fill out a functional and medical needs evacuation form so they know exactly how to help you. Once you're registered, the Department of Public Health also has a guide for an emergency evacuation kit. This includes reminders to pack medication, special equipment such as wheelchairs, oxygen, and other necessary supplies. You also need to list the style and serial numbers of your medical devices such as pacemakers. All of this is extremely important to do in advance, especially with hurricane season underway. 

"This is for individuals who don't have any family to help them evacuate. They don't have any neighbors that can help them evacuate. This registry is truly a last resort, but we are here for those who do need help evacuating," said Tammi Brown, Chatham County Health Department. 

"We also encourage you, especially during hurricane season, to have at least three months worth of medication on you. If you have to evacuate, to have at least a month's worth of medication with you when you evacuate," said Kate Busbee, Chatham Emergency Management. 

For more information on how to register for aid during a hurricane, click here

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