Good News: Restored Order cyclists

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - Going a great distance to reduce gun violence.

A group of cyclists rolled into Savannah Tuesday on their way from Washington D.C. to Miami. A 1,000-mile ride that they hope will raise money and awareness to fight gun violence across the country.

The group from Restored Order is accepting pledges on and talking to people along the way, spreading their message of peace.

The group stayed in Port Wentworth Tuesday night and after meeting up with a group documenting their journey, headed South on Highway 17 Wednesday.

Despite the challenging cause, they say they have been encouraged by what they have encountered along the way.

"We don't want anyone to fall through the cracks. Let's take care of people. From the time we rode from Silver Springs, Maryland to here right now, we know that our country has been, some people have not shown the best side of it. We have seen the best side of it. There are a lot of good people, there's a lot of good in this country, there's a lot of good people in our people," said David L. Peay, Sr., who is riding for Restored Order.

The Restored Order team's ride will take them through six states and take about a week.

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