Briggs & Stratton rally to celebrate Walmart’s pledge to American companies

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - How closely do you look at where something's made before you buy?

Two national companies with plants in Statesboro hope you'll buy more products made in America.

Leaders with Briggs and Stratton say this message isn't anything different for them in more than a century of operation.

A rally Wednesday morning helped celebrate Walmart's national commitment to spend an additional $250 billion with American companies like Briggs & Stratton and others.

"After years of going overseas, you're seeing more companies realize that there are advantages to being closer to the consumer," said Joe Quinn, with Walmart's corporate office. "The fact that a product is being made here in the United States makes it easier for Briggs and Stratton to sell to Walmart and Walmart to sell to the consumer. It's faster and creates more jobs in the United States and better for our economic base."

Briggs leaders say this means more than just a slogan. They say buying products like American engines translates to local jobs and revenue across the country.

"Our biggest market is here in North America so we want to do everything we can to be as close to our customers as possible and partner with companies like Walmart so we can get products to the customer in a matter of days," said Laura Timm, with Briggs and Stratton.

Leaders from both companies hope consumers realize the value in this message as well.

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