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WTOC Investigates: Black Lives Matter Savannah drops Facebook page

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Tuesday night, we told you about an attention-grabbing and controversial Facebook post created by Black Lives Matter Savannah. 

Their goal was to focus attention on the group's cause of protecting the rights and lives of people in Savannah. The post ridiculed a fictitious book by Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, titled '101 Ways to Kill Blacks in the Chatham Jail.' It accused the sheriff of killing more black men than syphilis.

That post was abruptly taken down Tuesday morning. Wednesday, the Black Lives Matter Facebook page suffered the same fate. We attempted to contact members of the group to ask why. We have yet to hear back on whether they removed the page, Facebook pulled the plug, or the National Black Lives Matter Organization forced the issue. 

We also learned on Wednesday that Black Lives Matter Savannah is not registered as an official chapter of the national organization. According to their website, the nearest to us is in Atlanta. We asked the national organization if that means it doesn't support the local group's practices and tactics. We haven't yet heard back. 

The Savannah group is planning 16 days of protests soon. Perhaps we'll get some answers then. 

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