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Proposal going before city council that could bring more buses, parking to downtown Savannah

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(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)
(Source: City of Savannah) (Source: City of Savannah)

Savannah city council could approve a new agreement that would bring more buses to the city in hopes of making parking better in downtown.

This is one of the core recommendations from the parking matters plan that was unveiled not too long ago.

On Thursday's city council agenda, there is a motion to approve the Circulator Service Agreement with the Chatham Area Transit Authority. This could mean more buses and maybe even more parking spaces for downtown.

Part of this plan means the city would have to purchase new buses for the system in exchange for lower operating costs. The buses would then go through re-branding to make notice of the changes. According to attachments from the city's website, two Goshen Coach buses costing $98,258 each, and two Gillig Trolleys costing $472,160 each.

Funding will come from the city's parking fund. The annual operating cost for the CSA is $1,240,828 and $710,484 in one/time capital costs. 

The way this works is the current Liberty Street parking shuttle and DOT shuttle will be combined to create two new routes that will serve both workers and visitors. 

Those new routes are the Historic loop and Forsyth loop. Officials say the routes will be more simple for customers and operate on wait times of 10 to 12 minutes throughout the day.

If all goes according to plan, this service would begin less than a month from now on Sept. 25, according to CAT officials. The term of the agreement will be 34 months, ending June 30, 2020. Once it ends, both parties can agree to extend.

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