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Good News: Savannah helping Houston

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Hearts across the country continue to go out to the people of Houston as they deal with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. 

The Coastal Empire, with memories of its own storm challenges fresh on its citizens' minds, has come to the aid of our neighbors in Texas. 

"It's time to forget about all the bickering that's going on in the world and do something to help your fellow man," Tommy Holland, 'Midtown Pickers.'

All around town, Savannah has answered that unspoken call this week, rallying around what in this area is an unavoidable empathy for victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

"We all went through this 10 months ago. We know what it feels like, and what we went through is really nothing compared to what Houston is handling right now," said Griff Lynch, Executive Director, Georgia Port Authority. 

Savannah has been going to great lengths to help them handle it - with fundraisers, supply drives, and local volunteers headed to Houston to help. 

"It's a community effort and there are so many partners in this," said Larry Yawn, American Red Cross Volunteer. 

Those partners in compassion came from all corners of the Savannah community, from one of its largest companies collecting enough basic supplies to fill two shipping containers...

"The team here at the Georgia Ports, the ILA put our heads together and said what can we do to help," Lynch said. one of its smallest private schools filling a classroom with Houston-bound materials. 

"Once it started to get some momentum and we started reaching out, it's awesome to see the people coming on our campus and our kids can see that these people are also caring and our small community has turned into a huge community helping another huge community," said Jennifer Adams, Memorial Day School Student Council Advisor. a group of civic-minded musicians turning one of their shows into an instrument for relief. 

"We're just out here to play, have a good time, and I hope people will leave us some donations of food and money," Holland said. 

Hope has blossomed throughout Savannah this outpouring of care for others that can make us feel better about ourselves. 

The Georgia Ports Authority and Memorial Day will continue collecting supplies through Friday and will have them sent off to Houston by next week. 

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