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Fort Stewart soldiers participating in live fire training

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Hundreds of Fort Stewart soldiers have another week of live fire training at home before they travel cross country to further hone their skills.

While they don't have orders to deploy, they know they must stay ready to fight.

Soldiers can think of this live fire as the last pretest before the big exam at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin California this fall.

First Brigade brought tanks and other armor equipment to the range to practice how they'll move on a battle field. They'll fire large rounds down range to scatter the enemy and clear a path.

Soldiers come here routinely to train, but usually in small groups to practice specific skills. This exercise brings units with different jobs to practice what they'll do together.

"We're trying to replicate or get as realistic a situation here at home as we can get before we go to NTC and as realistic a situation at NTC to get us ready to go anywhere in the world where needed," said Captain Matthew Ropeleswki, 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team. "We're relearning. What was old is new again. We're working on skills that we had down pat during the Cold War and times when we were meeting other forces on the battlefield."

"There are always new people come to the unit and it's my job and others' job to get them as ready as possible," said Sgt. Ransom Ragin, 1st Brigade Combat Team. 

Part of the drill included the Assault Breacher Vehicle that launches a string of explosives to detonate any IED's buried in the ground to protect the team as they move forward. Something they'll be called to do while at Fort Irwin.

They anticipate training at Fort Irwin roughly four weeks and returning home late in the year. 

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