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Four cats dead, one badly injured after being shot by crossbow at Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp

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Four cats are now dead after someone shot them with a crossbow arrow near the Lazaretto Boat Ramp.

One cat lived through the horrible attack and now investigators are working to try to find out who committed the animal cruelty. 

In areas around the Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp you will find bowls full of cat food, that's because people are feeding feral and abandoned cats, one of the feeders found a terrible surprise, four dead cats and one seriously injuries.

For the survivor, it is a miracle he is alive. Crossbow arrows were used to kill a group of cats near the boat ramp, closer to the fishing pier at the end of the road.

The woman who found the cat then drove the cat to Tybee Animal Care where Dr. Jenkins helped the injured kitty.

"We discovered on x-ray it was a small arrow head embedded into the neck of the cat," said Dr. Kari Jenkins, Managing Veterinarian, Tybee Animal Care. "The cat needed surgery to have that removed."

The cat will be ok and is back with the woman who found him. For now she is acting as the foster.

Lots and lots of cats can be seen even still where the dead ones were found. Islands Feral Cat Project tells me it is a regular place where you see people giving up the responsibility of keeping their pet cat but dropping it off and driving off.

"I guess what made me mad is someone's cat got killed because either the owner dumped it off here or someone else dumped it off here," said Marie Rodriguez, President, Islands Feral Cat Project.

Marie works to trap feral cats and get them spayed or neutered. She tells me she is hoping upcoming efforts will deter people from dumping cats here.

"My friend who owns Spiva Law Firm offered to donate six cameras out here because he knows how important it is to have cameras to where people can see and people will know if you are driving down this road and you are going to dump off an animal then we will have your car and license plate on video," said Rodriguez. 

The person who shot these arrows has not been caught yet. If you know anything you can report it to Animal Services or Crimestoppers.

"It is illegal and it is cruelty to animals whether or not these animals are owned," said Kerry Sirevicius, Director, Chatham County Animal Services. "I will prosecute to the highest extent of the law if anyone is injuring cats in the community and I catch them."

Islands Feral Cat Project says that you would need to call Chatham County Animal Services if you need help with a feral cat and they will work together to see what can be done for the animal.

"If you are having a problem with a cat and you are mad at your neighbors or whatever and you can't work it out then call Animal Control and they will give you my number. I am the Feral Cat Liaison for Animal Control, I try to help both sides with the problem," said Rodriguez.

"Just do not take matters into your own hands, we are able to trap the un-owned cats that are not part of a managed colony. There are ways to contain cats and we can give owners that information, that's where I come in to be that mediator to make sure the animals stay on their own property and not get into trouble in your neighbor's yard," said Sirevicius. 

No suspects have been caught in relation to this animal cruelty crime, if you know anything you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 912-234-2020. 

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