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Savannah organization filling 18-wheelers for Harvey victims

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Volunteers in Savannah are doing what they can to help the thousands of Harvey victims in Texas. An 18-wheeler full of water, food, tools, and other supplies is almost full headed for League City, Texas when it fills up.

They said it's truly overwhelming to see people who have no idea who they're helping give their time and money for this relief effort.

Case by case and pallet by pallet, volunteers are loading up the trailer with supplies.

"Loading water, stacking goods, everything. You name it we've been doing it. Texas needs a helping hand, and love to help out,” said volunteer Chris Haupt.

"It was devastating what happened to them. I just wanted to do my part. I don't have a lot of money, but I can donate my time, and my niece is out here with me. I used to live in Houston, I worked in Houston, so i already know the people out there are great, and they need help,” said volunteer Marsha Waters.

While we were there, the Eastern Star Temple in Pembroke showed up with a truck of water, food, and baby diapers.

"Seeing all the stuff that's going on in Texas so we wanted to drop off as much as we could. Just wanted to be a part of it and help," said Wayne Hewett with the temple.

Savannah Responds is organizing this drive. The non-profit has done this before for dozens of disasters. The support is overwhelming every time.

"Savannah is full of great people. They always come out when you ask them to do something because just like it was proven last year with Matthew, next time it could be us,” said Michael Shortt.

The truck is mostly full of bottled water and baby diapers. They're also asking for tools to help as families get in their homes and start to rebuild.

"We're asking for crowbars, hammers, so they can get in there, start pulling the sheet rock out of their home before the black mold comes in. So hard hats, safety glasses, dust masks, everything they'll need to get their life back in order,” said Shortt.

The trailer will leave as soon as it’s full. When that happens, another trailer will take its place as long as the need is still there.

They'll be accepting donations at least through the weekend. The main drop-off is at their warehouse at 1711 Dean Forest Road.

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