Savannah volunteers with Red Cross in Texas to help hurricane victims

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Hundreds of American Red Cross volunteers from all around the country continue to converge on areas affected by Harvey, including the Savannah Chapter for Southeast and Coastal Georgia.

Friday, we talked to one volunteer who just arrived in Texas, in a town about an hour outside of Houston where he and other volunteers are waiting for orders. The volunteers who loaded up and left the Savannah area days ago are joining more than 2,000 other disaster workers for what will be a week-long effort to return some sense of normalcy to storm victims in Texas.

Justin Nolan is currently waiting for marching orders while being staged at Hempstead, a small town about an hour northwest of Houston.

"Everywhere we've been so far, hotels have been sold out. We barely got a place last night," he said.

Nolan says even without getting into the hardest hit areas, he's already heard some heartbreaking stories from survivors.

"He literally had to sell his wife's wedding ring so they could stay another week in the motel, so their kids had a place to lay their heads," Nolan said, as he talked about one storm survivor he encountered on the way to Hempstead.

Nolan said he's there for the long haul, planning to stay a month to help people in the Houston area, where he just was a year ago doing the same thing during deadly flooding.

"They said there's more water, there's more devastation. There are more areas that weren't flooded last year, so I'm expecting to walk into something 10 times worse," Nolan said.

They're prepared and operating out of more than 200 emergency response vehicles that were sent to the Gulf states from as far away as New York.

"There's water, cases of water, and we have the cambros. It's just like supplies, water, anything we need to get our job done," said Nolan.

It's a job he says he's passionate about, having been a volunteer for five years now. Click here for information on volunteering for the Red Cross.

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