Officer on Serial Rape Suspect's Arrest

Police video of Young's arrest.
Police video of Young's arrest.

Suspected serial rapist Ron Young's behind bars thanks in large part to a quick-thinking officer. We have the video of Young's arrest, and a firsthand account from Hardeeville police officer Tony Pollen, who followed the suspicious car past the state line, when he radioed Port Wentworth police for help.

It took several miles for Cpl. Pollen to make sure he had the right car. "By the time the plates come back, I'm already out of jurisdiction," he told us.

So Pollen got permission from Port Wentworth to pull the car over. He did and waited. Seconds later, Port Wentworth pulled up. You can see what happens next in the video, linked here below the image to the right.

"He didn't have any emotion," said Pollen of the suspect during his arrest. "No expression whatsoever."

Pollen told us he was thinking, "This is the guy. He didn't even ask why he was being pulled over or anything."

On the video, you can see officers from both departments checking the car while another officer keeps his gun--and eyes--on Young.

Police on both sides of the state line say it was a perfect example of investigators working together.

"Their quick action and appropriate action put an end to this man's terror around the neighborhood and community," said Chief James Melvin of Port Wentworth PD.

"I was very excited," said Cpl. Pollen. "More so that his victims can have closure and be able to sleep at night."

The original reason Cpl. Pollen started following Young was because officers around the state had been told to be on the lookout for Young's car. That was because of a sexual assault in Colleton County just a few hours earlier. Cpl. Pollen didn't know until later exactly who it was he had helped nab.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,