Tropical Update: Major Hurricane Irma poses risk to east coast

Tropical Update: Major Hurricane Irma poses risk to east coast

Category three Major Hurricane Irma continues to track southwestward towards the Lesser Antilles.

A more west-northwestward motion is expected Tuesday as it nears the Caribbean. Impacts to Puerto Rico and the northern Lesser Antilles remains possible. Contact your hotel, cruise line, travel agent, etc. if you have plans in the vicinity early next week.

Irma will continue west-northwestward as a category four or five major hurricane; approaching the Bahamas Thursday night or Friday morning.

From there, the forecast becomes very complex and there is plenty of uncertainty. However, Irma may impact the eastern United States between September 10th and 14th. Exactly when, where and how it impacts this region remains in-question.

The risk of tropical impacts extends from Florida to New England as of Sunday evening's forecast. Further updates and shifts are a guarantee as we get deeper into the work-week. It is still possible that Irma passes out to sea.

There are already several rumors floating around social media feeds and posted to uncredited websites. Please ensure that you are receiving accurate and dependable information before sharing it with others.

For now, simply ensure that you have an appropriate hurricane plan and make any necessary changes to your plan of action or supply kit just in case.

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