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Purple flags on Tybee due to jellyfish, stingrays

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Labor Day Weekend means busy days at the beach on Tybee Island, but it’s also been a busy work day for lifeguards. 

Purple flags are flying at the beach today because of jellyfish and stingrays. Lifeguards have had several medical calls today for stings and other issues.

Ocean rescuers say the beach isn’t as busy today as it was yesterday, and isn’t as busy as some past Labor Days. Even with a smaller crowd, they’ve made six medical rescues today ranging from dehydration to stingray and jellyfish stings.

One guy walked up to the lifeguard shack with a jellyfish sting on his forearm, worried he was having an allergic reaction. Lifeguards say it’s common this time of year.

“This time of year, we usually get the jellyfish," said Lt. Justin Goldberg, Tybee Ocean Rescue. "It usually starts around July and then goes throughout the summer. Basically, we tell people either they can rub wet sand on it or we have vinegar and water to put on it as well. Neutralizes the sting.”

“Yeah no," said Dana Francis, Vacationing. "I’m not getting in the water then. I will play at the edge of the water, just like stick my foot in. That’s enough for me right there.”

"I didn’t see it," said Amanda Gordon, Vacationing. "I’m scared now. Should I leave?”

The majority of Americans traveling this weekend took a trip to the beach, and most traveled by car. 

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