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Higher gas prices for Labor Day

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We are seeing higher gas prices this Labor Day compared to the prices only a week ago.

Some people who are traveling are not too happy about filling up at the pump, while others are not worried.

An unleaded gallon of gas is $2.49 at Circle K on Ogeechee Road and that's a price you will see lots of places in Chatham County. We looked at prices today in Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Hardeeville and they were all somewhere closer to $2.50 or $2.60 a gallon.

That's up about 30 cents from a week ago. One-third of the United State's oil refinery capacity is located where Hurricane Harvey made landfall, leading to a spike in prices. Regardless of the increase in price per gallon, we saw people today filling up their cars and even their boats.

Those at the Parkers location on Pooler Parkway told us people were asking if they might possibly run out of marine gas but they told everyone they had a large supply so no need to worry.

We spoke to one man headed to Jacksonville, Florida from Savannah and he told us he's not concerned about the increase in price for now.

"Not too much, it is not bad yet," said Howard McKidvin, Traveling from Jacksonville. "When we start looking at $3 a gallon that's another story. We were paying this before and then it dropped then went up and then it dropped and went up again, it goes on and on."

He said he would be gasing up back home in Florida but we heard from many people it's cheaper in Georgia and South Carolina. 

"Yeah obviously I'm hoping they go down some and we get back to normal," said Chuck Courtenay, Pooler Resident.

One man told us he stopped in Pooler for gas because he is seeing higher prices where he lives in Bulloch County.

"I am on the way home and wondering about what the weather is going to be like later this week so I'm trying to keep my car with fuel in it,"  said Ronnie Lewis, Bulloch County Resident.

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