Neighbors React to Serial Rape Suspect Arrest

Police video of Young's arrest.
Police video of Young's arrest.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office will have to wait until next week before finding out if DNA evidence results link suspected serial rapist Ron Young to rapes in South Carolina. Investigators had hoped to get the results today from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Meanwhile, videotape of Ron Young's arrest aired exclusively on WTOC last night and is getting a lot of attention. The arrest came after Port Wentworth police got a call from Hardeeville police that Young was headed their way. Officers then pulled young over and arrested him.

Today his former neighbors are reacting to Young's arrest. People we spoke with were shocked, some by how Young surrendered so peacefully. Others, like one of his neighbors, didn't realize it was the same Ron Young as the man who lived just a few doors away.

"I saw that video, and like I said, I am shocked that he lived on my street," said Elizabeth Hagins. "I'm like, New York Avenue, I live on New York Avenue."

Hagins has been in the neighborhood four months. She knows all about Young now. He lived four houses down from her.

"That's pretty close," she said. "That's scary."

When she watched WTOC Thursday night, the video of Young's arrest caught her attention. "It was pretty impressive that they caught him and he knew that he got caught, so he turned himself in. Most of the time, guys will fight. He went pretty peacefully."

"He didn't have any emotion, no expression whatsoever," Hardeeville police corporal Tony Pollen said. He teamed up with Port Wentworth police to nab Young.

Even they were surprised there was no fight or struggle. "He didn't even ask why he was being pulled over or anything," said Cpl. Pollen.

"He knew eventually he was going to get caught," said Hagins.

She says knowing her former neighbor is behind bars--and seeing it with her own eyes--gives her a little bit of security every time she leaves her house. "It made me feel very safe."

Ron Young was supposed to be in court yesterday. Chatham County has pushed back his preliminary hearing until August 4.

Reported by: Don Logana,