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Get plan in place for elderly family members in case of evacuation

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Do you have a plan for an elderly member of your family if an evacuation order become a reality? 

Planning for someone older takes more time and care. Always plan for the worst. That's what Senior Citizens, Inc. and the Greater Savannah Coalition on Aging are telling us. You don't want your loved one to be in danger and you don't want them ending up stressed out in a traffic jam if an evacuation happens. 

Plan now by helping pack up the things they need such as important documents and medical records. Have their emergency kit ready. Medication is an extremely crucial part of the plan. If you haven't already, call your elderly family members' doctor and pharmacy to make arrangements for a supply of at least one month of their medication.

"You make sure it is in a sealed tight container," said Kevin Hertzwig, President, Greater Savannah Coalition on Aging. 

"You need an emergency kit. Pack up the things that are pertinent to your information," said Hertzwig. 

The biggest issue experts see in disaster situations is transport. Leaving your elderly family member at home during a time when evacuation is mandatory is an issue of elder abuse. Now is the time to plan where someone should stay, whether it be a hotel or with family. Plan for at least a week of putting them up. There are options for people who don't have family or friends to transport them. 

"We are strongly suggesting people contact CEMA and the Community Health Coalition and see if they qualify for transportation because you have to be on a roll prior to a storm, so don't wait much longer if you need assistance getting out of town," said Patti Lyons, President, Senior Citizens, Inc. 

"Last year during Matthew, we had some families that left their homebound adult in their home in bed, and A, that is against the law. That is elder abuse," Lyons said. 

Senior Citizens, Inc. and Greater Savannah Coalition on Aging encourage seniors to get signed up for the Yellow Dot Program. Enrolling in the program provides specific information on persons medical needs to emergency officials. Seniors can enroll in the program by going to the Senior Citizens Inc. office at 3025 Bull Street, Savannah. For more information on the Yellow Dot Program click here.

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