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Emergency leaders beginning hurricane preps in Bulloch County

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Here in Georgia, communities are watching Irma closely for any indication of where she will go. That includes inland counties as well as those on the coast. 

We spoke with emergency leaders in Bulloch County to find out more about how they're preparing. They say they're checking to make sure trucks and generators have fuel and crews know what they'll be doing if Irma comes this way. They're asking their personnel to ahead and get everything at home ready in case they're away from home and family during a storm. 

They're also using this as an early warning for folks to look at supply lists, decide where they'll go if they have to evacuate and make sure they take what they need. One person we spoke with says it's too early to panic, but not too early to plan. 

"It's too soon to know what it will do, but think ahead. Don't try to remember everything. Just cover your bases," said Lee Eckles, Bulloch County EMA. We are close enough to the coast and this storm is big enough that if the stars line up, we could be severely impacted."

Eckles says people who decide to evacuate should think of going further inland than Statesboro. He points to the winds and rain that Matthew brought here last year. He suggests Dublin or Macon - in that area just to be safe. 

Of course, we'll be following this over the next few days and we'll keep you updated on the latest information. 

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