Residents Complain of Foul-Smelling Water

When residents in the Town of Walthourville in Liberty County turn on their water, more than just water comes pouring out. So does a wretched smell.

The problem started a few weeks ago. Now some residents are buying their own water because the smell is just too much to handle.

According to the mayor of Walthourville, the problem is with some pipes pumping in some fowl-smelling well water, and they just can't seem to find them.

"The whole house smells ridiculous, and it just makes me want to puke," said resident Ruth Smith. "The smell is disgusting."

She's even uses incense to mask the smell. "If I go in and take a shower, I'm going to smell better going in than coming out."

Smith says the water is so bad, she started buying bottled water by the gallon. "I refuse for my kids to take a bath in it, let alone brush their teeth. I don't even cook with the water. I mean it's really bad smelling."

It's a problem that's be been plaguing her for the past two weeks, and Smith wants answers.

The mayor is well aware of this problem and says his phones been ringing off the hook for the past couple of weeks. He says the problem with this smelly water is with the water tower, which had to be closed down for repairs.

Since the city closed it, Mayor Henry Frasier says other pipes have been flushing smelly sulfur water into homes like Smith's. They just can't find them to close them off.

"Only thing we can say now is that there is some water coming in there that shouldn't be coming in there and we're trying to find that water," Frasier said.

So the mayor is asking residents to remain calm. "And I'm asking them to be patient because our men are out there in this heat, sweating, trying to find those lines."

Mayor Frasier hopes crews will have the repaired water tower back up and running by Wednesday.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,