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Statesboro GSP warns of congested roads from Irma evacuees

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Plenty of Floridians will evacuate to or through Georgia to get away from Irma.

We caught up with officials on Wednesday to find out what the highways will be like as Irma gets closer. The post commander at Post 45 in Statesboro says you need to follow this hurricane closely and don't delay when it's time to leave. 

Post 45 Commander Chris Rodewolt says interstates like I-16 and I-95 will be crowded with traffic as people evacuate north and west, but he says the state and U.S. highways will be busy as well and drivers should anticipate that in making their decision to evacuate, and not wait until the storm is on top of us because the roads will be even more dangerous then. 

"Being in a car is a super dangerous place to be in a storm. You've got trees falling and debris flying. Storm force winds can actually blow your car off the road," Commander Rodewolt said. 

His advice is to have a plan in place for where you're going, leave with extra time to get there and be prepared for the trip to take a while. 

Emergency responders say they've spent the past few days stocking up on fuel and supplies. 

"You need to do things each day through Sunday and Monday in anticipation of Irma being here. Get yourself some extra water. Make sure you have some cash. Make sure you have a disaster supply kit in place," said Ted Wynn, Bulloch County Public Safety. 

Wynn says you should follow local media for updates and have a plan of where you need to be if Irma heads this way. 

Executive Director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Harris Blackwood, tells us roadways will fill up quickly. He's urging people to leave in advance of the storm and to not leave home without a destination and a plan. 

"That's one of the hardest things. Right now, people are meandering up the interstate and stopping at every exit looking for vacancies," Blackwood said. 

He says plan to be on the road longer than usual to get anywhere. Bring food and water and remain patient.

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