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Hometown Heroes: Leaders help community prepare for Irma

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Everybody needs a plan, and some need help making that plan.

Some folks in the community are working on the front end to make sure local residents are prepared before the storm. 

It's still too early to know what we might be dealing with, but not too early for some to help people deal.

"Our preparations begin before hurricane season, and it's one we don't take lightly," 

The longer we wait to find out where Hurricane Irma is going, the more local agencies and individuals work in advance of a potential storm - getting out information and assistance now that could help later.

"We're beginning to make sure our vehicles have gasoline and are ready for the road if we have to deploy them; also beginning to call all of our volunteers,"

At Senior Citizen's Incorporated, they are trying to inform those who might need extra time and attention to use both in preparing for a storm.

"One of the pluses of this, if there can be a plus to a hurricane, is that you know it's coming days in advance so that you can take that time to get a little more prepared,"

At the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, they say they are prepared - and residents should be too.

"People who are leaving, if they have to leave, I suggest don't put anything on Facebook that you're leaving. Lock your car if you have to leave a car behind; make sure your house is locked," 

It's information now that people could be happy to have later.

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