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CEMA says get plans finalized now

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Chatham County Emergency Management Agency continues to provide us with the latest updated information as they monitor Major Hurricane Irma. We are now learning more about the plans for specific municipalities. 

CEMA will start its 24-hour operations on Friday. They tell us their efforts coincide with what the governor ordered on Thursday - the mandatory evacuation starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday. CEMA plans to issue that order for the entire county. CEMA has a roster for the frail and elderly and you can call them if you need to get on it. We did receive an update on transportation for those who cannot make it out on their own. Buses will be picking people up at regular CAT bus stops from 8 a.m. Saturday until Sunday evening. Those buses will be going to Augusta. You are advised to evacuate west. We asked if they'd accept pets on those buses. 

"We do provide for pet transportation. Unless they are a service animal, then they do have to go on a separate bus. If they do have a service animal, then they can go on the same bus with them. I mentioned that we send out the buses in serials of seven. One of those serials is nothing but pets," said Dennis Jones, CEMA Director. 

Many people continue to ask where they should evacuate to specifically. 

"It is going to skirt the Georgia coast and possibly come right over the top of Chatham County, so this storm is running on a north and south trajectory, so if you are evacuating, and we encourage you to do so, what we ask you to do is move west out of the storm's path," Jones said. 

Tybee Island has decided to call for a mandatory evacuation starting at 8 a.m. on Friday because of higher than normal tides on Friday night and Saturday. We are told now is the time to finalize your hurricane plans, whether that may be packing or booking a hotel room.

"That storm could make a job one side or the other so just go west and try to find some lodging in Macon, Atlanta, or some other small community that has a bed and breakfast available. We encourage you to go west," said Jones. 

If you're still preparing for the storm and need sandbags, they are available to residents at the Pooler Recreation Center on Rogers Street. 

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