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Curfew to go into effect for Metter, Candler County on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 11 p.m. until further notice

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Mayor Billy Trapnell and County Commission Chair Glyn Thrift have signed a curfew ordinance that will go into effect on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 11 p.m. and remain in effect until further notice. 

During this time it will be unlawful to travel, loiter, wander or stroll on public streets. People who are exempted from this curfew are authorized and essential emergency responders, law enforcement, health care providers and others working with or through the county emergency management agency. 

Interstates are seeing more and more traffic as mandatory evacuations send more people to the roads to escape Hurricane Irma. 

That traffic means more stops and traffic at gas stations along the way. We drove down to Metter on Friday to check things out. 

Drivers were eager to get back on the road to safety. Clifton's Shell Station looked a little like pit row at a Nascar race. People left as soon as they topped their thanks off and another car took their place. Some cars had Florida plates, having come up I-95, and others were from southern parts of Georgia, headed north. One driver said she had too many painful memories to wait any longer to evacuate. 

"As a native of Miami, FL, who survived Andrew, there's no way I would ever think about putting my family through risking it because it's just too unpredictable," said Fallon Hayes. 

Drivers we spoke to wanted to get on up the road before the contraflow starts Saturday at 8 a.m. 

"We're from the north, so we don't do hurricanes, so when somebody says, 'you can go ahead and go,' we said, 'yeah,' said Sam Corey, Kings Bay Naval Base. 

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