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Chatham County: State of utility services ahead of Irma

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It seems as major storms swirl into our area, so do the rumors of utilities being affected and shutting off ahead of, or during, the weather event.

Chatham Emergency Management is working to dispel rumors, especially when it comes to the state of utility services. 

While municipalities like Savannah, Port Wentworth, and Hinesville, for instance, will maintain water service even as the storm passes - so long as there's no critical damage to facilities - some private services have already reached out to their customers to let them know they plan to suspend service as soon as Sunday.

One of those - a large supplier of water to our area - is Water Utility Management. They list on their website nearly 10 neighborhoods that will have suspended water service starting at 10 Sunday morning. Checking in with the city of Savannah, all services they provide will be up and running as Irma approaches.

"The city has no plans to discontinue any of its service to any of its customers," said Michelle Gavin, City of Savannah, Spokeswoman. 

Georgia Power also wants to clear the air when it comes to services and what will be provided through the storm, and once it passes.

"We address the rumor that the power company stops service, or cuts off power every time there's a major storm. We do not, Mother Nature takes care of that for us," Swann Seiler, Manager, Corporate Communications, GA Power. 

Seiler says the first 24 to 48 hours, depending on how bad damage is, is an assessment period. They ask for patience during that time if power is knocked out. 

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