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Residents in Pinpoint community prepare for another storm

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People in Chatham County's Pinpoint community are taking no chances when it comes to Hurricane Irma. Most are about to leave or have already left. The storm comes at an unfortunate time as those residents had a major cleanup after Hurricane Matthew.

Many people in the Pinpoint community are once again bracing for the uncertainty—packing up and hitting the roads.

"Four, five, maybe six carloads of us going,” said Barbara Harris.

Stephanie Anderson and her family are leaving in just a few hours.

"I don't really want to leave but when they say evacuate, I'd rather err on the side of caution,” said Anderson.

That's the common theme out here—get out of dodge especially after the damage left behind from Hurricane Matthew.

"We had a lot of help through Matthew. A lot of people came through and volunteered and helped us clean up. We just don't know what to expect right now,” said Harris.

"Wind looked like it would never stop blowing and trees falling, one fell on my house. I said if I make it through this night, next time I'm going to leave,” said Minnie Wingster.

That's exactly what Wingster is doing this time. Others are staying in town—bracing for what will likely be another long cleanup.

"Know that we're going to have a cleanup. It's definitely going to be a cleanup. We're going to get major wind. The trees that are leaning over will probably fall over. It's going to be some new trees that uproot,” said Henri Cruse.

Cruse said he'll continue to monitor Irma and leave if it looks like it's getting worse. He's praying in the meantime.

"Definitely praying. God knows what's best, and what's going to happen is going to happen,” said Cruse.

People out here said that's all you can do when a major hurricane like Irma has its sights set on the US.

"Just pray that goes down to a tropical storm and that we won't get hit as hard so we can start coming back south,” said Anderson.

"I can replace my house, furniture, but I can't replace my life,” said Wingster.

For that reason, the Pinpoint neighborhood will be mostly empty as Irma closes in on us.

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