Florida evacuees heading to South Carolina to escape Hurricane Irma

Florida evacuees heading to South Carolina to escape Hurricane Irma

Many people are still on the roads trying to evacuate Hurricane Irma's path.

A popular place to stop for evacuees continues to be the South Carolina Welcome Center.

Most tags you will see at the South Carolina Welcome Center along I-95 belong to people from Flordia. Many of those we talked to are from areas close to Fort Myers.

Several people told us they didn't want to leave but when they saw the size of Hurricane Irma as it got closer, they decided it was in their best interest to evacuate. Some told us they left this morning and had no problems coming north.

Others explained to us it has taken them a day and a half to get here. Traffic can become congested at times along I-95 north but it is rolling in our area.

We heard from one man who says he and his family are headed to Myrtle Beach. We asked him what he has been seeing when it comes to hotel prices.

"$250, $350, whatever they can charge and we are not doing that," said Ronald Baines, Evacuee from La Belle, Florida. "We slept in the car last night. Cause everything is booked solid, couldn't get anything."

Several people we talked to said they are on their way to Charleston. We got to hear a lot of stories about how Flordians made it to Hardeeville.

"I didn't want to leave I thought we were going to get caught in the storm and get blown away but so far it is good," said Kassidy Ray, Evacuee from Fort Myers.

"Our wonderful friends invited us to their home in Lecanto, Florida but we didn't feel like we were safe so we came up to South Carolina," said Dorothy Mato, Evacuee from Clearwater, Florida.

They are all very concerned about the future of the homes they left behind.

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